Initial Save the Patient Press Release

5/14/12 Safe and Sound in the Hospital
10/3/11 10 Life Saving Health Care Tips and Checklists for a Safe Hospital Stay
08/29/11 Back-to-School Physical Exams: What Every Parent and Child Should Know About Today's Modern Health Check-up
06/27/11 You're Never Alone: Social Workers Help Patients through Treatment, Surgery and Recovery in Hospital
05/23/11 Women's Health: Common Solutions to Common Problems
04/25/11 Ten Life-Saving Health Tips

Hospital Infection Dangers: Put Up Your Own Defenses

02/28/11 Teaching Children Healthy Habits: It's Never Too Early
01/24/11 Taking Care of Each Other - Free Health Tips and Checklists
12/20/10 Top Ten Tips On Keeping Your Feet Healthy in the New Year
11/22/10 How Your Health Care Is About to Change
10/25/10 Consumers Can Now Access IL Hospital Safety and Quality Information
9/27/10 How to Prevent Foot and Ankle Problems and Avoid Sports Injuries
8/23/10 Mental Health Care Suffering from State Budget Cuts
7/26/10 Saving Money or Lives - the Health Care Conundrum
6/21/10 Importance of Training Residents to Ensure Patient Safety
5/17/10 Community Health - Live Call In
4/19/10 Health Care Reform: How it will affect you?
3/22/10 Reducing the Risks: Patient Safety in the Hospital
2/22/10 The Other Aspect of Health Care: DENTAL CARE
1/11/10 Navigating Local Health and Care Resources Available to Seniors
11/16/09 The Faces of Medical Error-From Tears to Transparency, The Story of Lewis Blackman
10/19/09 Retail Health Clinics - The Real Story
09/04/09 Stories to Promote Health and Enhance Lives
07/22/09 Women's Health – An Intimate Discussion
06/22/09 The Consumer's Role in Medication Safety –An Interactive Discussion with a Pharmacist on Live TV
05/18/09 An Interactive Health Caring Conversation With SAVE THE PATIENT
04/27/09 Health Caring – A Network of Strength
03/23/09 Listening Below the Noise” - The Health Care Benefits of Silence
02/23/09 Save Your Money and Your Health
01/12/09 For Your Eyes Only - How to Choose and Use Your Eye Doctor
12/08/08 The Gift of Health Caring at End of Life
11/10/08 Health Caring for the Elderly
10/13/08 Women's Health – An Intimate Discussion
08/25/08 Patient-Centered Health Care


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