Welcome to “Community Health,” Save the Patient's monthly health information Cable TV show!

Join Lenore Janecek, your host, for live interactive call-in show with informative discussions on health topics that matter. For 25 minutes each month, Lenore will host leaders in health care to discuss women's health issues, medical error, the future of medicine, medical resources and cost effective ways to take care of yourself and your family. Check your local cable television listings for scheduled air times. For additional information call: CAN-TV at 312-738-1400, www.savethepatient.org , or e-mail .

The following are segments of the TV show that are available for your viewing. There may be some delay in after you click on a show depending on the speed of your connection.

Episode 1 Patient Safety and Dealing with Medical Mistakes, with Dr. Tim McDonald
Episode 2 - Part 1 Health Information for Women, with Dr. Debra Edberg
Episode 2 - Part 2 Health Information for Young Women, with Dr. Debra Edberg 
Episode 6 - Part 1 What Chiropracters Do
How Your Health Care Is About to Change
Taking Care of Each Other - Free Health Tips and Checklists




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